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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Liquid Soaps ala Dona

I know liquid soap is popular in Italy and the U.K
the problem is keeping the chemicals out.
When I have worked with black soap in liquid form the nozzele got clogged
If there is some way it could stay flowing that would be grand

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Healing Sea Salt from Isreal

Ingredients: Elaeis guineensis, Olea eurpea, Cocos nucifera, Sodium palmate, Sodium Oleate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Maris Sol, Parfum

Further potential outlets for soap

Muji store

Ayurvedic Soaps

Lines in development

Soap for Acne (ayurveda)
Soap for dry skin
Soap for oily skin
Soap for babies
Talc for babies
Detox soap
Soap for Pitta, Kapha, Vata
Himalayan Salt soaps

Healing black soap from Africa

Notes from meeting with Dona

Pitta soap
Kapha soap
Vata soap

Questionaire on soaps

Animal product soaps - ringworm soaps - 4 animals
"Tested on humans"

ASDA - sells handmade soaps

Baby soaps + shampoos - because competition is Johnson and Johnson

NHS stopped Knitnurse = due to stigma and expense

Pine soap from Nigeria - "black soap" - cured Dona's son of acne

Notes on officiating bodies of Organic business in Europe

SKAL - Netherlands - Organic
Soil Association - Specific Health and Beauty standards

Friday, January 20, 2006

Pankaj in Delhi

From Pankaj in Delhi

Hi Nathan,

Sorry for the delayed response.

As far as I have understood about the products you are
involved with, you would want a list of contacts in
various 5-star hotels in Delhi to make a presentation
about your company and the products. I can help you
with the contact details. Would that be any good?

Tell Me.


Pankaj Kumar Jha
Tel: 91 11 2670 5415 (O)
91 11 98103 99861

Good! We can do a combo of both. Can you send me a few
details on your company, an e-brochure perhaps..



--- Nathan Curry wrote:

Hi Pankaj...
Yes that would be good - but better would be
personal intrdouctions if at
all possible...

Please let me know if that is possible...

Otherwise please send the list of contacts and I
will try and go from there

Thankyou very much for your help

Foriegn Investment Board

RBI Approval

Notes from meeting with Patrick

Mauritius based company $5000

Sell or Manufacture

- Apply for with Manuel/Blue Lotus
100% shares

BVI Company
No taxes
No business in HK - pure trading company
Accountant administrate from Hong Kong

Trademark your brand

Sri Lanka - 30% taxes

Sanjay Vase - HK?

$2000 to set up
$2000 a year to maintain

Set up accounts with Hong Kong Bank
Do it all online
Sign a contract with Hong Kong business

Put on ship
FOB - Freight on board

Recipe from Ravi

Caustic soda 200g
Soap stone powder 200g
Flavor/scent 10 ml
Color 1g
Coconut 1200g

Sundaram's Film Pictures

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jiyoung's Saudi Arabian Contact

Hi Nathan

Do you remember that I said i got contact from one Korean man in Saudi Arabia?
While explaining about our company to him I mentioned about you.

This company is registered as Alternative Medicine Trading Company and they have a alternative medicine hospital and runs organic shop.

They mainly import health related products from Korea, Japan, Germany.
Like massage tables, massage products, organic, herb product.
They have accupunture doctor...Detox, Macrobiotic, oriental alternative therapy...etc.

Right now, they import Korean brand massage table and it is over 1000 USD per table.
He's keen to know more about your quality massage table.
I said it is made in China or India not sure...

His name is KiByeong, Seong.

Maybe it's better for you to contact him?
He went to Saudi Arabia in 1982 and he's the only Korean there.
Not sure if he's CEO or not.

Alkali-Acid Herbs

I believe that alkali soap is the best for the skin. Indeed in India - there is only one soap which is alkali - that is Hamam. It is enriched with Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera extracts. All the other soaps are acidic. I do not fully understand this - as this is what has been reported to me - previously I was under the misconception that soaps ARE alkali. Perhaps you could enlighten me on this matter.

Soap is simple...all you need is...

Soap is relatively simple. I would recommend starting with the books by
Susan Cavitch that are listed on our website
( and then making a few bars of
soap. That will give you a little idea of what it is about.

In order to set up business, all you really need is a good recipe,
ingredients to make the recipe (oils, water, lye, scent, color), a place to
mix it, a mold, a way to cut it, a place to dry it and a way to wrap it. Of
course, the equipment and space are definitely dependent upon the quantity
of soap you make.


One thing I have to figure out though is laws of cosmetics in different countries - getting our products through customs and on the shelf etc


My job will be marketing and sales....and overall management of things. I have a potential buyer in Mexico who owns three superstores dedicated to earthen ware products.... + buyers to tap in Korea and UK....and perhaps the US. Currently focusing on producing samples....I fly to UK on December 10th for three weeks to visit family. Hopefully I will take first samples with me then.

Designing the way forward to shape the business

I dropped by on Krishna Srinavasan right after we spoke and we had a short chat. He was very helpful - I will go and see him again on Monday with the MOA and the incorporation documents of Blue Lotus...

He raised one issue - which we might have overlooked - he said if Ravi is going to be my partner - and we are subcontracting someone out to make the soaps - but giving them a concentrate which will be procure - how can we as an E-business get away with manufacturing the concentrate....?
Good question!

He also mentioned that there is a business zone near to Tambaram - where foriegners can manufacture products exclusively for export purposes - and have 100% stake in the company if need be - not sure if this applies to handmade soaps though - would not be practical for the short term - but it might be worth considering in the long term though. To do that however - I would need to incorporate Blue Lotus overseas also...

The competition

1.Chandrika - brand name - that produces Ayurvedic soap
- neither handmade nor organic
Bought from a UK distributor
Labelled as suitable for vegans

2. Products from Organic babies

3. Crabtree and Evelyn - very "English" soaps

4. Aveda - high class cosmetics - all in the branding - quality?

5. Solgar

6. Wood Spirits - Handmade soaps

Suresh's contacts

1) Mr sam lee He was engaged in shampoo and different types of item producing. His e-mail ID was

2) Mr Udit Narayanan he is a International market Researcher his e-mail id is

Mr Udit narayan contact his website given below

Possible models for making soap business in India

Below is a list of permutations of what I understand to be possible:

1. I set up a manufacturing unit - in partnership with some trusted Indians - I front the money - draw a salary etc- but have only 26% stake in the shares of the company (that is if we are selling handmade soap products and if soaps is indeed an SSI).

1. (a) if handmade soap is not an SSI - I set up another company - with a manufacturing unit and maintain total share control.

2. I set up as an agent for soap designed to my formula with a local soap company and draw up an exclusive contract for sales and marketing of said soap products.

3. I approach a large scale (industrial) soap manufacuter - such as one I know in Bangalore - and pay them to produce a soap to my requirements - I then collect those soaps and manage the marketing and sales end. This would not be a handmade product of course -but then the quality - could be good if we insist on certain ingredients. I would likely need to set up an exclusive contract for that brand of soap - in a way this could be like we were the manufacturer and have all the rights to that particular soap - but we would just not have to be labored with factory costs etc- we just subcontract out the production of the soap.

Leads for selling soaps in UK

Here are a few details for other wholefood/ natural wholesalers you might find useful.

Essential Trading: based in Bristol tel 01179 583550

Infinity Wholefoods: based in Brighton tel 01273 424060

Tree of Life UK: Based in Newcastle under Lyme tel 01782 567100

The Health Store: Based in Nottingham (sorry I don't have their number but try
the website).

Body Shop Contact

New product details should be sent here to the Sourcing Department in the
first instance, where they will be looked at by the team. You can send info
by email or by post for my attention, at the following address :-

Mia Day
Sourcing Department
The Body Shop International PLC.
Building 7
West Sussex
BN17 6LS

Organic contacts India

Phone : +91 80 57682830
Fax : +91 80 28601183
Email :
web :

2. Dr SPS Khanuja,
Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants,
Lucknow - 226 015

Phone : +91 522 2357136
Fax : + 91 522 2342666
Email :
web :

Green Baby - company that sells baby products

soap company jiyoung works with in korea

Jiyoung's soap course

I also starts selling organic, handmade soap in Well-being Shop.

And I was going to take a professional soap making course which is certified by an Australia sounds interesting and will be good to learn and sell those soap at the shop and maybe teach in the summer time.

From Lilla

To make soap in mass amounts you will need
very expensive machinery.

Soap is made in two ways...cold process that takes 4 weeks or more to
saponify, or hot process that uses heat to speed up this up. There are
two ways to hot process soap. Direct on fire in one pot or using
indirect heat such as oven or doulbe boiler.

It is possible to mass produce good soap. It is the recipe that makes
it good or not, not how large or small the soap batch is.

If you do not find this list very useful another one is called
HotSoapEtc here on yahoo groups. Good luck.
Started by: Delores Boone who wrote: Hand Crafted Soap

Good soap is rare only because many people put oils in just to make cheap soap
and do not care if it conditions the skins. :o)

Soap MAKES natural glycerine which is the best kind you can get. Bottle glycerin
chemical company's make. Not so good. It is processed.

Real soap only uses oils and/or animal fats. No petroleum things. The soap in the
stores using those are called synthetic detergents and are not really soap.

You will learn much from Ms. Boone and the soap list members there.
She does not let sales on her list so I watch both. :o)


Number 3....yes, not good recipes.

Color and fragrance oils is not a problem if it is good quality and not cheaply made
ones. Many soap make makers buy (and trade) the cheapest fragrance oils. It is
not good. If it is very cheap or on a garage sale beware of why.
Those cheap kind many times use wrong chemicals in them that can make a soap
turn spotty or smell like chemical. Yuck! They also IMHO can be problem for some
skin or give headaches. A good FO and color that is a cosmetic grade is not
going to be bad for soap.

Poor quality lye. Hmmmm...I think you are meaning if lye goes bad by humidity?
Yes, that can make a recipe be too soft and not act correctly. But if using fresh
pure lye or caustic soda at the correct amount there should not be problem.
One must store in very air tight container (in dry room) and not leave it open
very long. I put mine in plastic then in container with lid. Be careful you get
good grade of caustic soda. I like to get food grade. I bought a manufacturing grade
and it had little black specks. I had to wait for water and lye to settle then very
careful to pour only clean water first then keep the little black bits behind on
the bottom. Very time consuming and I did not buy that company again.

The most important thing you need is to learn how to make the best soap with the oils
you can get where you are. Ms. Boone is expert on making recipes work.

I followed instructions
from an HP tutorial site and stirred every 15 minutes but I'm reading
in other areas about HPers who don't stir at all. What's the
advantage to not stirring? Does the soap come out better? My first
batch did pretty well but the second batch was difficult,

I learned to make crockpot soap on a list that
advises new hp soap makers to not stir until they are experienced at recognising
what "done" hp looks like.
The basics is that you only fill your crockpot or roaster half full the first time you
try a recipe,so you can see what it will do, in case it tries to overflow. also you
can see it go through stages.
For instance, in the crockpot the soap (for most) will curl at the edges and then
meet in the middle. As it is curling the middle becomes smooth. This is what is
referred to as an island and waves. For all practical purposes when the island sinks
the soap is done enough to mold. That is if you the recipe is ok. Some cp recipes
discount water a lot, so that is something you don't want with hp soap. Always
run other peoples recipes through a good lye calculator.

I've tried a few more recipes and think I got it! I
was removing the 'batter' from the CP too soon.
Another question soaps have white chunks running throughout
them. Like overly cooked soap is being incorporated into the batter. Is this
normal? To me, it spoils the look.
Also, I've read that adding sodium lactate to the lye water will result in
harder bars. Has anyone tried that? My bars seem a bit spongy and although
useable immediately, they really benefit from drying out for a couple weeks.
I might as well stick with CP! Any thoughts?
Thank you,

White bits can mean too hot of crockpot or discounting water too much.
NaL is a good way to make it harder and prevent shrunken head. I have
used it up to 1 oz per lb of oils but I add it to the liquid oils to prevent
from reacting with the lye.
If you wait weeks for soap to harden well change recipe.


Soap nuts

I have recently come across an Indian product which is very popular in Germany.
This link explains a little more about it:

What I am looking for is people in Germany who can find me buyers for this product...

Health food stores would be the best places to start with
Especially chains of health food stores.

Beginner's soap manual

Making Soap In Your Own Kitchen.

by Amy

More questions

making the soap you want will be determined by the oils you have available in india to make soap with

there are numerous libraries on soap with receipes
and lots of sites for fragrance oils and essential oils
what will you use as a molds?
can you get lye?

there are numerous libraries on soap with receipes
and lots of sites for fragrance oils and essential oils
what will you use as a molds?
can you get lye?
start with a small 4 lb reciepe to get the hang of soap making and then go up in size
how will you wrap your soap?
how about colorants?
swirls or straight color?
or like some purest only white will do unless adding herbs
will you do cold process that has to sit 4-6 weeks to dry out
or hot process
if hot process then crock pot, oven or double boiler method?
anyway what i wanted to get across is that were all here to help but there is a lot to making good soap

Links to Korean soap sites

From Shivani

Aura has a range of hand milled bathing bars with choice ingredients. We have used a combination of natural and a percentage of synthetic inputs( for lather ). The main ingredients are natural vegetable oils and fatty alcohol to ensure a TFM of about 44%. Also contains pure essential oils of
Ylang Ylang in Moon beam
oils of basil, thyme and lavender in Oatmeal Bath along with oatmeal for an exfoliating bath.
Also contains Himalyan salts.

Korea organic soap

organic soap

essential oil

incense tray

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How to start

Soap is relatively simple. I would recommend starting with the books by
Susan Cavitch that are listed on our website:

( and then making a few bars of
soap. That will give you a little idea of what it is about.

In order to set up business, all you really need is a good recipe,
ingredients to make the recipe (oils, water, lye, scent, color), a place to
mix it, a mold, a way to cut it, a place to dry it and a way to wrap it. Of
course, the equipment and space are definitely dependent upon the quantity
of soap you make.

Questions to answer

1. I can get the soaps tested by a laborartory here in India pretty easily - which would make them viable for the Indian market - but I am not precisely sure how I can get them vetted for international sales.

Something to ponder on from David

It is too much outside my comfort zone and range of business channels to click with me. A product that could tie in to detoxification without having to go through FDA would be much more of interest. Soap does detoxify but not in my marketing sense.

From Korea

There's very good quality soap specialist company in Korea.
Check out this page.

Their soap is well-made and good quality and nice package.

They even get order from HongKong and one of Japanese CEO contacted them for mass gift set order.

When you go to the website, you see many soap gift sets. If you click one, you see main photo.
On the right corner, there's small numbers that you can click on and see more detailed photos.
Check that out.

Thinking things through

It seems wise that we should go with

1. organic soaps (the process is still as of yet not completely clear to me - buying organic fats is simple of course - it the other chemical ingredients that baffle me)
2. alkali soaps - supposedly much gentler on the skin than acid soaps (again I do not know enough about the chemistry of this stuff)

Although ayurveda strictly does not have soaps in it's retinue of herbal preparations - it does have herbs which one can add to soaps.


Do you think that you could market any of the art
work that I could create. A lot of the backgrounds
that I create could be used by other artists and many
of my designs could be used as patterns for rugs or
ceramic tiles. A couple of years ago, I thought of
making persian rug mouse pads with my designs. Didn't
do anything about it and I saw them for sale at
CompUSA a couple of months ago! They already existed
on some plane or in a well of creation knowledge. We
just have to tap into it and manifest it here, with a
patent of course!


"I would be more interested in anything that helps (and says so) to address the acid/alkaline balance."

From David

Hmmm - I wonder if this can be done in soap...clealy not internally - at least not fully internally - but certainly to an extent - as the skin's nature is to absorb what it recieves...

much research to be done - but on the table right now clear path is to develop an organic and healing soap - so this issue must be grappled with
i have psoriasis - as i think i once shared with you - and the most soothing soap i have discovered is Dead Sea Salt soap from Isreal - and the Himalayan Salt soaps that a Korean company developed - found it whilst I was over there developing the salt lamp business...
Hmm - natural salt might be a part of the answer - but though it soothed me - salt tends to dry out the skin.... Much to ponder on.

Dr Vikram Chauhan

"I am basically an Ayurvedic doctor, completed
my BAMS (Graduation in Ayurveda in 1999) then I did my
MD (Postgraduation this year) My MD is in Herbal
Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy(Recognition of herbs
and their uses.
I made my own herbal products and started in my own
city(Chandigarh) through my own prescription first.
They just got popular in my city and other doctors
started prescribing Arjun tea and other products. Then
I started in Delhi and also started web site.
( I got a distributor in
Singapore, then in Denmark, Canada. I got the problem
in promoting it internationally as it was not in tea
The sales were not sooo high or so good, because it
was not marketed properly, but now we started proper
marketing in Delhi
I met a person named Anthony, who is basically from
USA and is a clinical Ayurveda specialist. He has his
own 50 stores in USA and says he wants Arjun tea
without tea bags. That's why I am going to sell it
without tea bags in USA, and planning to amend the
outer cover. Anthony came all the way from USA to meet
me and discuss over the things."
Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants.
William Osler
If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.
C. S. Lewis
Wash four distinct and separate times, using lots of lather each time from individual bars of soap.
Howard Hughes
Dove soap, my dermatologist recommended it. It makes the hardest water soft and it's available all over the world. Supplies are always guaranteed.
Celine Dion
People used to complain that selling a president was like selling a bar of soap. But when you buy soap, at least you get the soap. In this campaign you just get two guys telling you they really value cleanliness.
David Brooks

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is elegance? Soap and water!
Cecil Beaton