Clean Body and Mind with Healing Soaps

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


"I would be more interested in anything that helps (and says so) to address the acid/alkaline balance."

From David

Hmmm - I wonder if this can be done in soap...clealy not internally - at least not fully internally - but certainly to an extent - as the skin's nature is to absorb what it recieves...

much research to be done - but on the table right now clear path is to develop an organic and healing soap - so this issue must be grappled with
i have psoriasis - as i think i once shared with you - and the most soothing soap i have discovered is Dead Sea Salt soap from Isreal - and the Himalayan Salt soaps that a Korean company developed - found it whilst I was over there developing the salt lamp business...
Hmm - natural salt might be a part of the answer - but though it soothed me - salt tends to dry out the skin.... Much to ponder on.


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