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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Designing the way forward to shape the business

I dropped by on Krishna Srinavasan right after we spoke and we had a short chat. He was very helpful - I will go and see him again on Monday with the MOA and the incorporation documents of Blue Lotus...

He raised one issue - which we might have overlooked - he said if Ravi is going to be my partner - and we are subcontracting someone out to make the soaps - but giving them a concentrate which will be procure - how can we as an E-business get away with manufacturing the concentrate....?
Good question!

He also mentioned that there is a business zone near to Tambaram - where foriegners can manufacture products exclusively for export purposes - and have 100% stake in the company if need be - not sure if this applies to handmade soaps though - would not be practical for the short term - but it might be worth considering in the long term though. To do that however - I would need to incorporate Blue Lotus overseas also...


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