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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dr Vikram Chauhan

"I am basically an Ayurvedic doctor, completed
my BAMS (Graduation in Ayurveda in 1999) then I did my
MD (Postgraduation this year) My MD is in Herbal
Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy(Recognition of herbs
and their uses.
I made my own herbal products and started in my own
city(Chandigarh) through my own prescription first.
They just got popular in my city and other doctors
started prescribing Arjun tea and other products. Then
I started in Delhi and also started web site.
( I got a distributor in
Singapore, then in Denmark, Canada. I got the problem
in promoting it internationally as it was not in tea
The sales were not sooo high or so good, because it
was not marketed properly, but now we started proper
marketing in Delhi
I met a person named Anthony, who is basically from
USA and is a clinical Ayurveda specialist. He has his
own 50 stores in USA and says he wants Arjun tea
without tea bags. That's why I am going to sell it
without tea bags in USA, and planning to amend the
outer cover. Anthony came all the way from USA to meet
me and discuss over the things."


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